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Across the nation, more than 20 million people struggling with drug or alcohol addictions on an annual basis. Most of those people are doing so without the help of proper drug and alcohol treatment programs available through drug rehab. However, if you want to successfully overcome your drug or alcohol addiction, you need to at least consider the facts about addiction treatment in Manchester before you decide what you are going to do to overcome your addiction. By learning the pertinent information about addiction and how drug and alcohol treatment programs work from Manchester Drug Rehab Centers, you can be sure that you make the best choices and decisions for you when you are ready to do away with your addiction once and for all.

What Is Addiction?

Many people are under the impression that drug and alcohol addiction is some sort of genetic predisposition or weakness that makes a person particularly susceptible to developing substance abuse problems. However, there is no specific formula that can determine who will develop an addiction and who will not and addiction is certainly not a form of mental weakness. Anyone can develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol because addiction is a disease. And just like heart disease or even the common cold, everyone is susceptible under the right circumstances.

Because addiction is a disease, it is also important to recognize that it is both a mental and a physical affliction. The mental side of an addiction often develops first, though not always. People tend to abuse drugs and alcohol to mask or avoid problems in their life that they are unable or unwilling to deal with directly. Once they begin abusing drugs or alcohol for these mental or emotional issues, the drugs begin to have a strong physical effect on the brain and body which, over time, will also cause the development of a physical dependence and addiction. If you are able to accept that your drug or alcohol addiction is a disease, you can better understand why it is not under your control and why you need the help of a drug rehab to overcome and treat your addiction.

How Does Addiction Treatment Work?

Of course, now that you have a more comprehensive understanding of the disease, you may be wondering how treatment in Manchester actually works. The general basis upon which most drug and alcohol treatment programs are designed is this core idea that addiction is a disease. And due to its status as a disease, drug, and alcohol treatment programs address both the physical and mental sides of a person's addiction to drugs or alcohol.

In fact, the first step of any program for treatment in Manchester is to go through detox. Medical detox in Manchester breaks a person's physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. In drug rehab, this process occurs with the supervision and treatment of medical professionals. Getting the physical addiction taken care of is only the first step, though. Drug and alcohol treatment programs also offer a wide variety of therapies and programs to help a person overcome their addiction. Some programs are traditional, such as those that offer 12-step treatment programs. Others are more alternative with equine therapy and spiritual therapy options. The holistic treatment combines both traditional and alternative treatment offerings into one comprehensive drug rehab program.

How does Addiction Affect the Brain?

The physical addiction that people develop to drugs or alcohol is based largely on the interactions that the brain has the chemicals in the drug. When the addictive drug enters the body, it will get into the bloodstream and travel to the brain. When this happens, the drug sends instructional signals to the brain causing changes in the ways the brain and nervous system function. Each addictive drug will have a different effect on the brain and nervous system.

Drugs like Xanax interfere with the function of the nervous system to suppress it (slow it down) which enhance a person's ability to feel calm and relaxed. Stimulant drugs like cocaine and crystal meth on the other hand also interfere with how the nervous system functions but has the opposite effect, speeding up these processes rather than slowing them down. Whatever the effects may be, the more the person uses the drug, the more the brain and nervous system will come to rely on the signals sent from the drug to function normally. Eventually, the brain changes its internal chemical balance completely and is fully reliant on the drug to function. This is the biochemical basis of a physical addiction to drugs or alcohol and is one of the many reasons why going to drug rehab is so important.

Why Should I Enter a Treatment Center?

You should choose to enter a program for addiction treatment in Manchester because it will give you the best chance at long-term recovery and sobriety. If you are serious about wanting to break free from your addiction, you need the help and care of professionals that can ensure your physical and mental addictions to drugs or alcohol are broken. Call Manchester Drug Rehab Centers now for help (860) 814-4030.

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